“That Looks Healthy”

I don’t care for hot drinks, so I need a substitute for the coffee that most of my co-workers drink.  I have been going for high-caffeine energy drinks lately.

On the way to work is a Walgreen’s that typically has Rockstar Zero Carb on sale, 2 for $3.  So, I stop there, grab two (one for tomorrow) and a bag of chips.  I get to the counter and the checkout girl says, “Well, that looks healthy.”

“Yeah, your produce section was sorely lacking,” I reply.  Really?  Do you know what they sell here?  None of it has nutritional value unless you really stretch the definition of healthy.  I’ll still go back because I can’t find cold drinks anywhere cheaper though.

And another thing, judgemental cashier!  I’m here at 7:40 a.m. right after running two miles and lifting weights for 40 minutes.  What have you done to stay healthy this morning?!


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