A simple misinterpretation

The weather was perfect for open top driving.  The sky was clear and didn’t play host to a single cloud. The temperature was hovering in the low 70’s and the humidity was tolerable.  It was the sort of day that we’ve been having in the Midwest for the last few months and has made the transition from Los Angeles much easier. 

Ms. Kitty rode alongside in the passenger’s seat, her elbow rested on the top of the door and the wisps of hair that had not been wrangled into the imprisonment of her pony tail holder bounced happily in the open air. 

The Miata sat happily at a red light, waiting to cross the overpass across I-265 when a white, 2nd gen Prelude with HID headlights and a fart can muffler pulled up in the left lane.  As the light went green, I accelerated as I normally do, but the Lude barked and sounded like it was drag racing.  Perhaps it is the roll bar mounted on the back of my little roadster that brings this out in people.  I don’t know.

My Miata easily kept up with the growling Prelude up to the next red light.  I looked over at Ms. Kitty and I said, “Really?”  She looked back, eye brows up and replied, “Really.”

Her “Really” was implying that it was ridiculous for grown men to drag race from stoplight to stoplight in broad daylight where police often pull onto and off of the highway.  Endangering other people’s lives for absolutely no purpose is a foolish, irresponsible and reckless thing to do that people over the age of 30 should certainly know better than to do.

Then the light went green and I immediately learned that she and I had absolutely different interpretations of what “Really” meant in this context. 

My “Really” had been in amazement that I hadn’t been blown off the line if he actually had anything under the hood and that only a fool would try to drag race with such a low weight-to-power ratio.  (I know most people say it the other way around and they are wrong.  Think about it.)  The fact that I didn’t have to launch or take it to redline and still be ahead meant that I could surely destroy this Prelude if I tried. 

I should have meant it the way she did because my victory (AND IT WAS A VICTORY) was short lived as I was quickly informed that I was incorrect in my definition.  And I apologized.


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