Awesome OC County Fair is Awesome

When I was a kid, we would go to the Clay County 4H Fair, look at a bunch of paintings by 15-year-olds, some dresses stitched together flower dresses and some pigs and chickens in pens.  It was good fun when you’re 8.  The OC County Fair is not that kind of fair.

First off, the place is huge.  Huge!  We walked around for about 3 hours and probably only saw about 1/3 of it.  And 2/3 of that was composed of food stands offering you fried goods.

How one fries a Klondike bar, only dancing Conan O'Brien knows....

Chocolate covered bacon AND deep fried butter!? One of each, please!

This is truth in advertising. I nearly took out a loan to keep eating here... Also, most bacon-centric booth and therefore, the best.

There’s also plenty of activities for the kids.

Why didn't someone think of doing this with little people earlier?!

We got there early, because we saw on the schedule that there was a tractor pull.  They meant this:

This girl was a MONSTER in the tractor pull, by the way.

Who doesn't love a ferris wheel?

But, really, we came here for one thing.  RV DEMOLITION DERBY!

Each had a super hero theme and only one would survive. RAWK!

I don’t want to be too redneck here and show my Hoosier roots, but this is why the terrorists hate us.  We take home on wheels, paint them with imaginary super hero themes and then, after careful consideration, smash them into each other until perfectly good vehicles cease to run.  Then we crush them and turn them into iPods.  Oh, and the stands are filled with people who paid the equivalent of a weeks wages in some countries for the privilege of watching the 15 minutes it takes for this to happen.

But, enough politics.  Let’s look at some houses running into eachother!

Notice how they still look like RVs.

The field was Mopar heavy with only one Chevy participating. I was rooting for the Batvan which looked the most hacked together.

I do enjoy destruction...

This brings up the confirmation that vehicle prep is minimal. They didn't even take out the stove!

My hopes for the Batvan were quickly smashed when this happened.

AAAAAAAND, there we go. Lots of praise for the Batvan getting tipped.

Once the body falls off the frame, you're done. This one? Almost done.

Obviously, this one is the winner.

Obligatory trophy clown.


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