Ginger Injustice!

There was a time, my friends, when those with red hair were outcasts from society, were shunned by the community or even forcibly removed.  It appears that those times are not past us.  Nay!  They are here, and they are now and they are persecuting our children.

Take the case of 12-year-old Stephanie Plato of Houston, TX.  Aside from having to endure the terrible weather and natural handicaps that come from being from Houston, young Stephanie has suffered discrimination that we had all hoped had been put to rest. You can see the video here:

The first thing you’ll notice is that news correspondents in Texas are significantly less-attractive than their counterparts in Los Angeles, but exponentially more articulate.

You see, Stephanie wanted to emulate her mother and have her hair dyed, so as a birthday present, she was allowed to have red streaks dyed into her hair.  Apparently, this is outlawed in Stephanie’s school which has a distinctly “anti-ginger” rulebook.  The student code of conduct has a list of items that are not to be worn, specifically “inappropriate hair color, such as red.”  In keeping with the school’s dress code, she was suspended from school until she could make her hair a more “acceptable” color.


What if I were attending?  Do I then have to dye my hair another color?  Perhaps something more sufferable like blonde or brown?  No!  I will not!

Fight on, Stephanie!  Though you’re not a genuine ginger, we here support your desire to be one.


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