Don’t Buy from Door-to-Door Salesmen

‘Steve’: “Good evening sir. My name is Steve. I come from a rough area. I was addicted to crack, but now I’m off and trying to stay clean…”

Michael Bolton: “Wait! You used to be addicted to crack?!”

As further proof that my experience with that little bastard selling the paper door-to-door was justified, this article was just posted on The Consumerist.

Basically, it states that teens selling magazines and newspapers are really just scams.  Regardless of how much you want to help this unfortunate soul go to college/get their life back on track/save up for a Wii, the money is really just going to some low-life and you’ll never get that subscription to Field & Stream.

I’ve fallen for this myself.  It was the day I was moving into the dorms at Indiana University.  I was pulling out my hunter green, extra long comforter when a young lady with dark brown hair, milky skin and a clip board walked into my door frame.

“I’ve barely even been here an hour!” I thought.

Alas, it was not that kind of visit.

She asked if she could come in and I said sure!  So then she sat, cross-legged in front of me, started chatting and said she was from Alaska.  Interesting, I thought.  She seems like a really cool girl.  And then she started into her spiel.  There I sat, on my dorm bed, not hearing a word of it.

At that age, I only knew of one person actually from Alaska, the singer Jewel.  Let’s just say that these two shared a particular attribute that often detracts from less-attractive features such as crooked teeth or magazine sales.   Hint: It ain’t singing ability.

I donated my subscription to charity.  I think.


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