Something, Something, Batman Title

I built a Batmobile.

Well, I guess I didn’t really “build” a Batmobile like this guy built one, but I constructed what I consider to be a reasonable facsimile from a Mazda Miata, a sheet of galvanized steel and some heating vents for the 24 Hours of Lemons Arse-Freeze-A-Palooza in November 2009.

The Eyesore Racing Batmobile

While I was researching the classic George Barris-built Batmobile, I came across a couple of things that struck me as odd.

Firstly, and if you check the crime fighting suits, you will agree, every bat logo is different! WTF? I know that this was in a time long before mass merchandising where every kid had to collect all the action figures, play sets, lunch boxes, bed sheets, sippy cups and whatever else they can slap a logo on these days, but come on! Nobody stood up and said, “Hey, why don’t we have some consistency on the bat emblems?” Check it out. The logo on the door is different from the logo on the wheels. Both of these are different from the emblem on Batman’s chest which, you would think would be the same as the one on his belt, but nay, I say. Completely different again! Wanna talk Batgirl? Sure. Different emblems on both her chest and belt. Not different from just Batman, different from everything! Of course, wanting to be period correct (read: detail oriented/anal retentive), Kat, who hand made many of our costumes, created different bats for all of these. I got off easy since I found a website that I could just print out the images. Still, 6 different bats?

Second, look at this picture.

Notice anything? The Batmobile is registered with Gotham City! For one thing, shouldn’t Gotham City be part of a state? I don’t register my car with Los Angeles, I register with the state of California. Also, the Batmobile is registered! As a vigilante crime-fighter, it amuses me to no end that Batman would obey this law while systematically taking others into his own hands. He may battle super villains, but he will not mess with the DMV. Obviously, this was before SMOG checks, so I’m assuming that no one threw the Batmobile up on a dyno to check its emissions. Would they have checked both the standard Ford 408 ci engine and the turbine or would it just be one or the other? Would it qualify for exempt status anyway since it is technically a hybrid vehicle? I wonder if he could register by phone or if he had to go into the DMV. Would he go as Bruce Wayne and just try to charm a doe-eyed public servant with some false information about a black Lincoln (though, that could be traced back to him if he parked in front of a fire hydrant or something) or did he have to go in, take a number and wait for it to be called while dressed as Batman? Would Robin come too?

Eyesore Racing @ Thunder Hill 2009 24 Hours of Lemons


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