Looking on the bright side

Been busy.  Sorry.

I’m trying to sell my two motorcycles for some extra scratch.  I have barely riden the good one in the two years that I’ve owned my Suzuki GS500E.  I blame Superbike Nation because they suck, but I digress.  I’ve got a buyer on the hook for each one and the prices would break me even on what I paid for both of them if you don’t count the money spent on licensing, registration, insurance, repairs and gear. 

A normal person would count these costs and conclude that they’re coming out behind on the $$.  Since I’ve gone to school for an MBA, though, I can convince myself otherwise.  In my mind, these are idle assets that are being liquidated for a positive free cash flow within the 2010 budget. 

Just got to get these jokers to show up with trucks to haul them away now…


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