Ginger of the Month: Santa Claus

In case you’ve failed to step outside of your house, or you live without neighbors, you’ve probably noticed a lot of colorful lights strewn about the houses down your street.  This can only mean one thing other than warding off alien invaders; IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME! 

I only know that it is winter in Southern California because it gets dark at 3:45 (Thanks, Daylight Savings Time!), not by the cold and snow.  So, the Christmas lights are really the only reminder that I have to start buying things for people.  But the real reason for the season is this month’s honored ginger; Santa Claus, Chris Kringle, Sainta Klause or whatever you want to call him.

Now wait a minute, you may be saying, I thought Santa had a long white beard.  My dear friend, Santa wasn’t always old.  He was in fact a red head!  How do I know?  Because claymation tells me so and you don’t argue with stop action claymation (just ask Seth Green).

Yes he is!

What can I really say about Santa that hasn’t already been said?  I mean, besides someone throwing you a surprise party, he’s really the only guy that you let sneak into your house. 

Congratulations, Santa, on being December’s Ginger of the Month!  I’m sure the plaque will look nice over your desk where you read the letters from children all over the world.  Now, about my list…


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