Ginger of the Month: Conan O’Brien

Did you know that prior to last Monday, The Tonight Show on NBC has only had 4 hosts in its 55 year history?  The reins of the premier late night variety show have just recently changed hands again, and this time to the 9-foot-tall red-headed comedy Jesus, Conan O’Brien.

I could go into his biography, his Boston roots, his overall paleness, but I won’t.  I just want to list here a few things that O’Brien has given us through his gift of comedy.

The Simpsons – Monorail episode
and, a gem that can only have been devised from a Harvard alum like Conan, The Masturbating Bear

As Conan makes the move from 12:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. (over the high pitched screams of Jay Leno), one wonders whether the show will have to scale down the esoteric comedy that has made it so famous.  I’ve weighed this question as well as which host will now hold my loyalties, my fellow ginger or my fellow Hoosier over on CBS.  Then I realized that I never stay up that late, so I really don’t have to decide at all.

Conan, welcome to the new timeslot.  I hope everything goes great for you.  Make all of us pale, skinny gingers proud.


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