Ginger of the Month: Angry Castrol Scottish Guy

As I was sitting at my desk today during lunch eating my Tina’s brand microwavable burritos (3 for $0.99!) and trolling around the internet, I came upon an ad that utilizes nearly everything that I love in this world wrapped into a tiny 30 second spot.  They have it all, red hair, beards, cars, unexpected violence, silly accents, dick jokes and calling people by names other than their real ones.  Sure, they didn’t have bacon or Tina Fey wearing fishnets, but no ad is perfect.

The Castrol Edge “Think with your dipstick” ads are pretty damn close, though.  Though I don’t know his real name, nor his stage name, Angry Castrol Scottish Guy (ACSG) is the Ginger of the Month for May.

With his outrageous accent tingeing his brash language, his caustic outbursts, his plaid newsie cap, and sporadic fits of violence, ACSG is everything that Americans expect from the Scots.  Nope, no stereotypes here.  Stereotypes would have included a kilt and we all know that it is all too easy to check someone’s oil when they are in a kilt. 

Oh sure, some people (mainly of Scottish decent) may take offense at the portrayal.  In fact, those people may raise their voices.  They may start sputtering and get really angry. They may start beating people with objects as they bemoan these baseless stereotypes.  But those people need to settle down.  Right now.  I mean it.  You don’t see me getting all up in arms about the fact that the guy has red hair do you?  I mean, I could just as easily be upset that someone with a red beard (much like my own, though distinctly bushier) is prone to fits of violence just because someone doesn’t know the right answer to a trivial question. 

I could also get upset by the portrayal of a car guy with such a mean streak.  In general, they can be quite thoughtful people.  I’m excluding Bitter, of course.  Maybe I should be upset that he is potentially preventing people from becoming interested in working on cars by hitting them with a diagnostic tool. 

You know what, maybe I am a little mad at ACSG.  I know that we’ve already signed a contract and all and you’ve already sent out press releases that this will be posted, but the more I think about it, the less I like you ACSG.

Pat yourself on the back, Angry Castrol Scottish Guy!  You are both the first fictitious and least respected member to enter the halls of the Ginger of the Month.  Suck it up, cause you’re out of here in a few weeks.  We’ll probably hang your plaque by the restrooms next to that spot reserved for Jamie Kennedy.


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