Ginger of the Month: Patrick Cox

March is often known as the month that roars in like a lion and leaves like a lamb.  However, since I live in Long Beach, CA, we’re going to give March over to a bear.

The Ginger of the Month is none other than the spokesman for Tax Masters, Patrick Cox.  I know next to nothing about Patrick Cox except:
• He advertises in my local market during the morning news.
• He wants to help me clear up my tax issues with the IRS.
• He is seemingly void of any sharp edges.

Regardless of what others may claim about the fraud, deception or questionable business practices of his firm, we should take a moment to pay homage to someone who’s parents truly did not think out the first-name, last-name relationship when they peered their equally beady eyes down upon the pink, screaming, round fruit of their passion (or obligation, I don’t really know) and named him an act that will force you to register in most states. 

With the tax deadline looming, it seems only fitting that a CPA should join the esteemed ranks of Ginger of the Month.


2 thoughts on “Ginger of the Month: Patrick Cox

  1. From Wikipedia: In between bombings and falling in love, Leigh-Cheri is approached by an unusually beautiful woman who claims she is from the planet of Argon. She informs Leigh-Cheri that redheads are considered evil on her planet and that “Red hair is caused by sugar and lust”.

    I can think of worse things to be linked to. Giggidy.

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