Dragging Ms. Kitty into Car Geekdom

My Volkswagen has had a failing clutch for about a year now.  It is a real safety hazard in that I usually don’t have more than 22 HP at my disposal at any given time since the clutch slips if I press the gas too suddenly.

Since moving to California and being in the auto industry surrounded by mechanical engineers most days, my knowledge has grown exponentially, as has Ms. Kitty’s.  Today we had this conversation over email.

MK: Are you going to get a quote from that Werks place today?

WNB: Yeah.  I need to look up their number.

MK: Or there’s that VW place near us that you could check out.

WNB: I’m not too confident in them.  They do a lot of air-cooled stuff and I’m not sure about how well they would do with the liquid-cooled engines.

MK: Good point.

Five years ago neither of us would have had any idea about what we had just agreed upon.


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