My 25

  1. My three favorite songs to whistle are Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite, Peter and the Wolf, and Hall of the Mountain King.
  2. I feel that cheerleading is a loophole in anti-dwarf tossing legislation and far more dangerous.
  3. Despite having hair that measures 8-9 inches long, I do not use or own a comb or brush.
  4. I’m the only person I know with more wheel-to-wheel racing experience than open track days.
  5. I own both a fire proof suit and fully armored black leather suit.
  6. I wish I had an exotic accent, but work very, very hard at not letting any type of dialect pronounce itself.
  7. Throughout college, I would have lunch with my Grandmother every Tuesday.  I really enjoyed those days.
  8. I have a severe weakness for potato chips and chocolate chip cookies.  Hence, we rarely have them in the home because I would take in my entire day’s calories in bagged goods if we did.
  9. I have an unhealthy interest in zombies.
  10. I am morally opposed to polo shirts.  They are a compromise and I think that you should have to pick a side: T-shirt or dress shirt. 
  11. I have never had a nickname that stuck despite multiple efforts.
  12. I have three different hand writing styles: cursive, printing and all capital letters printing and will switch through them; often within the same sentence.
  13. I prefer to write with a wooden #2 pencil because I like the way the graphite grips the paper.
  14. The biggest celebrity I’ve ever met is Ed McMahon.  Ate lunch at his house. Used his bathroom.
  15. I used to count syllables as people spoke.  I don’t do it much any more (19).
  16. One of my life goals is to visit all 50 states.  I’ve knocked out 31 so far.  I need to head up north some time to those states that don’t have anything in them.
  17. The goals and idiosyncrasies of other people fascinate me but I rarely ask about them for fear of appearing too nosey.
  18. I ascend and descend stairs very quickly because I need to make up the lateral time that is wasted while moving vertically.
  19. Despite the presence of my wallet, cell phone and car keys in the unlocked locker, the thieves at the gym that night stole only my Horton Hears a Who boxer shorts.  It disturbs me to no end.
  20. I have a great idea for an air freshener for your car that smells like gravy.  How great would that be?! 
  21. My wife has now made me unnaturally aware of women’s underwear choices.  Now when I spot a white bra under a white shirt or a panty line on the thigh, I don’t think, “Oooooh,” I think, “Ooooh, bad choice.”
  22. My left eye is one quarter brown and three quarters color changing depending on the hue of my shirt.
  23. I really miss playing euchre on a regular basis; particularly with drunken, screaming room mates throwing cards across the room and then storming downstairs to study on a Friday night.
  24. I’ve been to the emergency room more times in the last three years than the rest of my life combined.
  25. I enjoy lying about extremely over-the-top things that couldn’t possibly be true, but keeping a stone-serious face while doing it.  Only Ms. Kitty can call my bluff with high certainty.  In fact, never believe my first answer to nearly any question.

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