Heroes of Bacon: Burnt Finger BBQ

With “bacon” in the name of the blog, it should go without saying that we have an affinity for those strips of heaven that have been blessed upon the earth.  Heroes of Bacon takes time to celebrate those brave men and women who have taken their love of fried pig a step further by advancing bacon-related technology or by simply placing the bar one notch higher for the rest of us.


It all started with a challenge.  Jason Day and Aaron Chronister head up a barbeque team named Burnt Finger BBQ. They had been challenged, as in days of old, through the Twitter account of a friend to determine what the chefs of the open flame could do with bacon. 


The gauntlet thrown, the BBQ masters set to work studying ancient recipes, grinding spices and herbs and examining star charts. Then, they scrapped all that and went to the butcher and bought $20 worth of bacon and Italian sausage.  Seeing that luscious pink flesh lying atop the wooden block of the butcher’s counter, an idea struck Day that would shape the way we think of bacon to this day; weave the strips together!  Of course!  Why don’t we have bacon baskets, or bacon hairdos? In time, my friends. In time.


Bacon weave, a marvel of modern man

Bacon weave, a marvel of modern man

Taking the sweet meat back home, Day and Chronister created their fabled bacon-weave, laid the sausage and selected spices atop as well as A SECOND LAYER OF BACON and then began to roll. The result is a take-off of, though I hardly need to tell you this since you are so versed in BBQ competitions, what is commonly referred to as “a fattie” and was christened that most holiest of name, “Bacon Explosion.” I want that listed as my cause of death. 


Combining bacon and sausage in such a way is not only assumedly delicious, but also extremely efficient!  Why, simply eating one Bacon Explosion takes care of your caloric needs for two and a half days.  That’s right!  No more wasted time looking for something to eat since this will cover your required caloric intake for TWO AND A HALF DAYS!  5000 calories and 500 grams of fat in one Bacon Explosion!  Ingenious!





 Much like prophets of ages gone by, Day and Chronister have a devoted following and disciples who are willing to sacrifice $20 and the ability to pass blood through their arteries to follow in the ways of the new benevolent bacon overlords. It all seems so right!  No longer the decision between bacon or sausage. Simply have both! Why have we waited so long? It must surely be written in the heavens that, as their names suggest, this is both the day and the time for the perfect food that is the Bacon Explosion.


One thought on “Heroes of Bacon: Burnt Finger BBQ

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