The Grand Warlock Predicts

Professor Antonio Vazquez Alba, known as Mexico’s Grand Warlock, has been making predictions.  According to Vazquez, the US will pull troops out of Iraq and will use them to expand its territory into Mexico.  He also made some predictions about Britney Spears who will, apparently, “continue to triumph.”


This raises several questions for me.  

  1. Does the US have a Grand Warlock and, if so, who is he and how does he gain that position?  I think that it would be AWESOME to have business cards that list your position as “Grand Warlock – United States Region”.
  2. This guy is a professor?  Where?  How ripped off are those students?
  3. Where’s the mustache?  A mustache and beard should always be paired together. (I was in the wrong the summer of 2001 when I wore only a beard.  I’ve made my peace.)
  4. Why does he look like a troll?
  5. Why is this news?
  6. Why did I, after determining it was not news, decide to write about it as well?

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